Part-time bracing in adolescent scoliosis patients may be effective

In a recently published study, researchers examined the effectiveness of the Providence brace in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis who wore the brace only part-time at night.

The retrospective study included 34 patients who met the modified Scoliosis Research Society inclusion criteria and treated with the Providence brace. The researchers followed patients for progression more than 5°, progression to more than 45° and recommendation for or performance of surgical fusion. Patients wore the brace for at least 8 hours a night while sleeping.

Study results showed nine patients progressed to more than 45° and had fusion recommended or completed, and 17 patients progressed to more than 5°.

Male patients were more likely to have a higher rate of progression more than 5° than female patients, according to the researchers.

The researchers concluded that the rates of progression were similar to or lower than those in previously reported natural history studies and supported the possible efficacy of the Providence brace.

Disclosure: Grauer is a paid consultant for Affinergy, Alphatec, Bioventus, DePuy, Stryker, Transgenomic, KCI, Medtronic, and Smith & Nephew.

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