Bulow Holdings forms group for investment in O&P practices

Bulow Holdings announced it has formed Bulow Clinic Partners Group to make ownership investments in O&P practices.

Frist Capital, along with management and other principals of Bulow Clinic Partners (BCP) Group, have committed up to $100 million of capital to build a national partnership of practices that are the “go‐to” place for patients and clinicians, according to a company press release.

“In communicating with other independent clinician-owners, I found we faced a common set of challenges, including increasing complexity, limited time and resources, and few options for growth and/or diversification,” Matt Bulow, CP, founder of Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions, said in the release. “We created BCP Group to support clinician‐owners in addressing these challenges so they are able to focus on their individual strengths, whether that be patient care, growing referral sources and/or expanding their markets.”

“We are interested in opportunities for BCP Group to partner with leading clinician-owners to strengthen their leadership positions in their current markets or expand into adjacent markets, either organically or through acquisitions,” Grant Rutledge, BCP Group president, said in the release. “BCP Group has the capital, resources and experience that are needed to advance this important sector of health care.”

Reference: www.bcpgroup.net.

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