Ottobock announces C-Leg Heroes photo contest Grand Prize winner

Ottobock announced recently that Carlos Gonzalez of San Francisco has been chosen as the $1,000 Grand Prize winner of the C-Leg Heroes 15-year anniversary photo contest.

Gonzalez’ winning photo submission shows him performing a martial arts move. He took up the sport following his amputation, and it has gone far in helping to rebuild his confidence and self-esteem, according to a press release.


This photo submitted by Carlos Gonzalez was chosen as the grand prize winner of Ottobock’s C-Leg Heroes photo contest.

Source: Ottobock


“My amputation in 2005 was the result of a series of complications from a stray bullet gunshot wound, and the healing process was long and drawn out due to several surgeries,” Gonzalez said in the release. “It was not until I was fit with the new C-Leg in 2012 at the Orthotic and Prosthetic Center at University of California, San Francisco Orthopaedic Institute that I finally felt I had what I needed to be able to really move forward in regaining my mobility and trying new activities. It has been life-changing in so many ways.”

“Carlos’s story is a motivating one, and we are thrilled to share his story,” Karen Lundquist, director of communication at Ottobock North America, said in the release. “His moves are amazing, and we greatly admire his volunteer work.”

The contest was implemented by Ottobock in commemoration of the C-Leg’s arrival in the U.S. in 1999, as well as to highlight the device’s far-reaching impact, according to the release.


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