OP Solutions launches new prosthetist directory

OP Solutions Inc. has teamed up with the Amputee Coalition to launch Prosthetist Finder, an online directory that allows amputees to find their ideal prosthetist.

The new tool is currently featured on the Amputee Coalition’s website and gives users control to find prosthetists with specific qualities and characteristics. Selection data are based on location, hours of operation, credentials, experience, gender and other user-selected attributes.

“[Our] web-based application…provides a user-friendly experience to help an amputee, family member, case worker, physician or physical therapist find a prosthetist based on the [their preferences],” Jason Kahle, MSMS, CPO, FAAOP, the CEO of OP Solutions Inc., told O&P News.

He added that the Prosthetist Finder is not a tool for rating prosthetists. It is a tool for pairing amputees with the most appropriate health care provider and a referral tool for prosthetists.

There is an annual fee of $100 for prosthetists to maintain presence on the registry, Kahle noted, adding that the Amputee Coalition’s website receives about 1.5 million active users per day and 600,000 visits per year.  



Disclosure: Kahle is the CEO of OP Solutions Inc.  


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