OPIE Software announces partnership with Allard USA

OPIE Software and Allard USA have announced that Allard is now an integrated supplier within OPIE Purchasing.

According to a company press release, Allard is the first major provider of orthoses to become integrated so that users of both the Futura and OPIE Systems now have access to its products. Allard products also are available through OPIE Integrated Suppliers Cascade, PEL and SPS.

“Our relationship with Allard allows us to expand the product offerings in the Futura and OPIE Systems to now offer a variety of quality orthoses,” Paul Prusakowski, CPO, FAAOP, CEO of OPIE Software, stated in the release. “This is exciting for all of our software users because with each new integrated supplier the product procurement process at the practice level becomes easier and more seamless. We look forward to growing our partnership with Allard and continuing to provide our customers with the tools needed to make their practice a success.”

Disclosure: Prusakowski is the CEO of OPIE Software.

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