Össur, SpringActive enter into agreement for development of bionic prosthesis

Össur announced it has entered into a licensing agreement with SpringActive, according to a joint company press release.

In accordance with the agreement, Össur will be involved in the final design, manufacturing and commercialization activities for the Odyssey, SpringActive’s prosthetic motorized ankle-replacement system. The Odyssey stores and releases energy in a motor-spring compliant actuator that will provide a fully-powered gait step, according to the release.

“At Össur, we are committed to continuous innovation and developing the best technologies to enable people to enjoy lives without limitations,” Jón Sigurðsson, MBA, Össur’s CEO, said in the release. “We were impressed by SpringActive’s accomplishments in robotics and this platform’s potential to influence the next generation of bionic prostheses.”

Thomas Sugar, PhD, a professor at Arizona State University, first formed SpringActive’s team, which consists of four former graduate students and his brother. The company has been awarded competitive government research contracts during the past 5 years for compliant actuation, biomechanical energy harvesting, load carrying exoskeletons and bionic prostheses. Research has been supported by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, according to the release.

“Össur’s unmatched expertise in biomechanical functioning and proven ability to test and commercialize bionic products makes them the ideal partner for bringing the Odyssey Ankle to market,” Phillip Sugar, president of SpringActive, said in the release.

Reference: www.ossur.com/americas.

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