ALG leaders call for emphasis on diabetic foot ulcer prevention, pre-ulcer offloading

The prevention of diabetic foot ulcers should be prioritized ahead of wound care, according to wound care industry representatives at the 7th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot.

 “For too long, the provision of consumable wound dressings has dominated the market as opposed to prevention methods, which can drastically reduce the risk of ulcers occurring,” Hugh Sheridan, CEO of ALG, said in a press release.

A session titled, “We don’t believe in ulcers,” was presented by Michelle Weddell, head of education for ALG, emphasizing the importance of pre-ulcer offloading using orthoses.

 “Diabetes affects more than 380 million people worldwide, and by 2030, this figure will have risen to 550 million — 10% of the world’s adult population,” Weddell said in the release. “In certain parts of the world, there is no national guidance on diabetic foot and no real prevention. The focus, instead, is on wound care, but with the right podiatry care upon diagnosis of diabetes, these ulcers would not have been allowed to develop. This would lead to significant long-term health care savings.”

Proper offloading is critical to the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers, she added.


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