Amputee Coalition calls for improved access to prosthetic devices

Amputee Coalition leaders recently addressed the need for access to prosthetic devices for people with limb loss.

According to a press release, the Amputee Coalition is working on a response to the recent Proposed / Draft Local Coverage Determination (LCD) for Lower Limb Prostheses released by the four Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) online.

“The recent audit proposal and draft policy regarding insurance coverage for prosthetic devices and components could significantly impact the ability for consumers to access these devices,” David M. Crandell, MD, chair of the Amputee Coalition’s Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee, said in the release.

Insurance coverage for prosthetic devices was a main topic under discussion during the recent Amputee Coalition National Conference, according to the release.

“Issues around access to appropriate care and prosthetic devices are of the utmost importance to our constituents, and the Amputee Coalition feels very strongly that patients must be provided the most appropriate device at the appropriate time,” Susan Stout, president and CEO of the Amputee Coalition, said in the release.


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