Board of Certification subject matter experts review, update certification tests

The Board of Certification / Accreditation recently announced an update to its certification exam.

The Board of Certification / Accreditation (BOC) brought together subject matter experts (SMEs) who worked in exam-specific groups to alter test questions, using current student textbooks for content validation. The SMEs included educators, medical professionals and individuals from major national O&P organizations, according to a press release.

SMEs were trained at a workshop hosted by Steve Nettles, EdD, program director and former senior vice president of psychometrics for Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) in Olathe, Kansas. The SMEs received instruction on exam question structure, multiple-choice answer composition rules, the need for specific citations for correct answers and the importance of security.

Active participants of this workshop included Wendy Miller, BOCO, LO, CDME, BOC chief credentialing officer, and Michelle Yoon, BOC credentialing manager.

“BOC complies with nationally recognized psychometric standards to assess the competency of our candidates. The dynamic nature of the O&P and durable medical equipment (DME) fields necessitates periodic reviews of our examinations,” Miller said in the release. “The results of meetings like these are exams that are engineered to precisely gauge each candidate’s knowledge in his or her field.”


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