War Amps, Veterans Affairs Canada announce collaborative partnership

The War Amps recently announced a collaborative partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada to share knowledge in an effort to enhance the care of veteran amputees. The partnership was formally announced at the Annual Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research Forum in Quebec City.

“There is no higher obligation on Canada and the veterans’ community than the responsibility to address the needs and requirements of seriously disabled veterans and their families,” Brian Forbes, chairman of The War Amps Executive Committee, said in a press release. “This partnership provides tremendous opportunity to share our knowledge and we look forward to continuing to actively work with Veterans Affairs Canada in attaining this objective.”

Forbes noted that The War Amps helps veteran amputees navigate the transition from military to civilian life and gain access to a full range of benefits.

“We have a wealth of information regarding amputation, artificial limbs and related topics and, just as importantly, we can provide the reassurance to veteran amputees through both support and tangible examples that it is completely possible to live a full and positive life with amputations,” Karen Valley, director of The War Amps National Amputee Centre, said in the press release.




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