Sensoria smart socks named ‘Best New Wearable Technology Device’ by IDTechEX

Sensoria Inc. recently announced it was awarded “Best New Wearable Technology Device” at the 2015 IDTechEX Printed Electronics USA show for its textile sensor-infused “smart” socks for runners.

Sensoria’s socks were selected as the award recipient by an independent panel of judges including Mounir Zok, PhD, a senior sports technologist with the U.S. Olympic Committee and Matthew Drinkwater, head of Fashion Innovation Agency at the London College of Fashion.

“It is such an incredible honor to be chosen for this award and especially by such an esteemed group of industry leaders,” Davide Vigano, chief executive officer of Sensoria Inc., said in the press release. “We spent 4 years researching and developing our smart socks so they would be comfortable, practical and functional. The technology we created during that process has many potential applications in the sports, fitness, and medical world.”

The smart sock is infused with three thin, soft textile pressure sensors, as well as a magnetic Bluetooth anklet. The Bluetooth collects and transmits data to Sensoria’s mobile app and web dashboard, providing real-time visual and audio feedback and analysis for its wearer. Data captured includes foot landing, cadence and time on the ground, in order to improve running performance.

According to the press release, Sensoria’s technology is applicable beyond athletic performance. The company recently collaborated with Orthotics Holdings Inc. to create the Smart Moore Balance Brace, a “smart” foot and ankle brace to reduce fall risk by using the same sensors as those in the smart sock.



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