Hanger Charitable Foundation supports KNOW SEPSIS PSA series

The Hanger Foundation recently announced the Sepsis Alliance has produced the KNOW SEPSIS series of public service announcements with the foundation’s support. The series is designed to educate viewers about sepsis, its potentially life-threatening effects and how to spot it early, according to a press release.

While more than a quarter of a million people in the United States die annual from sepsis, fewer than half adults in the country have heard of sepsis, according to the Sepsis Alliance. Sepsis is acquired in 80% of cases from everyday infections, such as the flu, pneumonia, urinary tract infections or infected cuts and scrapes. As so few people recognize the signs or symptoms of sepsis, many who acquire it do not seek help early enough, which limits the success of treatment. The purpose of the KNOW SEPSIS series of public service announcements (PSAs) is to spread this information.

“We are thankful for the grant support from the Hanger Charitable Foundation to produce our first PSA series and help raise sepsis awareness,” Tom Heymann, president and executive director of Sepsis Alliance, said in the press release. “Among the consequences of sepsis, amputations are all too common, creating physical and emotional challenges for many survivors. These PSAs, as well as the awareness they generate, have the potential to reduce harm to thousands of patients every year.”

The first KNOW SEPSIS PSA features New Jersey physician Marnie L. Doubek, MD, whose son Zach acquired and survived sepsis.

“The Hanger Charitable Foundation is dedicated to the well-being of those with physical challenges in the communities that we serve,” Vinit K. Asar, president and chief executive officer of Hanger Inc. and chair of the Hanger Charitable Foundation, said in the press release. “Sepsis is a stealth disease that adversely impacts the physical abilities of many people. We are proud to help support Sepsis Alliance, the leading U.S.-based sepsis advocacy organization, to help raise awareness and stop this disease in its tracks.”

The KNOW SEPSIS PSAs are available at http://sepsis.org/resources/psa. For information about the PSA program or usage rights, contact Sepsis Alliance at 619-232-0300 or info@sepsis.org.




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