Touch Bionics announces sales of 15 million euros in 2015

Touch Bionics recently announced preliminary results showing it achieved a total revenue of 15 million euros in 2015. The results show an 11% increase compared with total revenue for 2014.

According to a company press release, Touch Bionics’ growth is attributed to strong results from European markets, particularly in Germany and in France, where the company’s i-limb is approved and funded by the French governmental health authorities.

“We are pleased with our 2015 performance and are proud that there have now been more than 5,000 i-limb wearers fitted worldwide,” Ian Stevens, chief executive officer of Touch Bionics, said in the release. “In 2015, we introduced the i-limb quantum and i-digits quantum hands, both of which can be controlled using simple gestures and are stronger and faster than their predecessors. We anticipate continued growth from sales of these electronic prosthetic hands and partial hands in 2016.”



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