OPIE Software announces agreement with Ottobock

OPIE Software and Ottobock have announced Ottobock North America will become an integrated supplier within the OPIE Software System and at www.oandp.com/shop.

Through the partnership, OPIE and Futura Software users will be able to view and place electronic orders for Ottobock products.

“Ottobock has been committed to product innovation for nearly a century,” Matt Swiggum, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing for Ottobock North America, said in a press release from OPIE. “We have seen the OPIE team deliver practice management and procurement innovation to the industry, and we are looking forward to the impact that working together will have. We believe it will simplify the procurement process for the 840 practices OPIE serves.”

“Ottobock has been a leader in the O&P profession for decades, and we have talked with them for years about how we might collaborate. To finally reach the right time for both organizations to work together is just amazing,” Paul Prusakowski, CPO, FAAOP, chief executive officer of OPIE Software, said in the release. “The addition of Ottobock to our purchasing and inventory system within the next few months means that over 2,000 locations will be able to order the vast majority of their products in a highly efficient, effective manner. In the coming health care world, managing your costs will become absolutely critical, so the more [efficiently] you can manage your cost of materials, the better your chances of succeeding in the value-based reimbursement models.”




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