JRRD to be phased out; new home for veteran rehabilitation research

The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development is being phased out and manuscript submissions are no longer being accepted, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The final print edition will occur in Sept. 2016.

The Public Library of Science (PLOS) will serve as the new home for the veteran-centric rehabilitation research community, according to the statement.

“It was important to the [Rehabilitation Research and Development Service] RR&D to find a venue where the rehabilitation community can convene and publish rehabilitation research that addresses veterans health care issues,” the statement said. “The [Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development] JRRD [and] RR&D entered into conversations with PLOS and found a like-minded organization interested in continuing the JRRD veteran-centric mission.”

PLOS has been developing PLOS Channels, a publishing venue specifically designed as an ingathering place for research communities such as rehabilitation. By leveraging publishing machinery of PLOS and PLOS ONE, PLOS Channels comes equipped with an established peer review and publication pipeline, according to the statement. In addition to research articles, PLOS Channels centralizes other content, information, and relevant resources, including scientific discourse and content.

For additional questions or comments regarding PLOS Channels, contact channels@plos.org.



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