Amputee Coalition names new board members, executive leadership

Seth McLaughlin and Matthew Swiggum have joined the Amputee Coalition’s board of directors, according to a company press release. In addition, Dan Berschinski will serve the role of board chair for the company and Tom Coakley will fill the role of treasurer.

The team brings years of executive marketing and sales experience, according to the release. McLaughlin previously served in executive and consulting roles that focused on marketing and consumer branding. He owns the consulting firm Springfield Advisors. Swiggum is the president and chief executive officer of Ottobock North America. 

“Matt, Seth, Tom and Dan are great examples of the people we have brought together to accelerate and amplify our work in 2017,” Jack Richmond, CPOA, president and chief executive officer of the Amputee Coalition, said in the release. “We want to reach more people in more powerful ways, giving them the tools and information they need whether they are just beginning their limb loss journey or they are years in. With our solid staff and our engaged board, 2017 will be a year of growth in quality and quantity.”


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