Ottobock, TaiLor Made Prosthetics enter into distribution agreement

Ottobock has announced an agreement with TaiLor Made Prosthetics to be the exclusive distributor of the TaiLor Made prosthetic foot globally, according to a press release. Distribution will begin in the United States.

According to the release, the TaiLor Made prosthetic foot is designed with toe and heel elements that move independently and has a shock-absorbing mechanical spring pack. The design includes vertical shock springs, which allow for easy in-clinic customization. The design also allows ankle motion and ground conformance, which the release noted results in stability, performance and comfort.

“Ottobock is the perfect company to introduce TaiLor Made’s breakthrough technology,” Stan Patterson, CP, chief executive officer of TaiLor Made Prosthetics, said in the release. “Their proven track record in the introduction of superior microprocessor and endoskeleton components, along with other technologies which help amputees, clearly makes Ottobock the ideal choice to partner with to revolutionize our industry and change our mindset.”

“Ottobock is excited to be the exclusive distributor of the TaiLor Made prosthetic foot,” Brad Ruhl, president of U.S. HealthCare for Ottobock, said in the release. “Having the ability to adjust the foot’s spring, heel and forefoot stiffness allows clinicians to receive real-time feedback from patients and then optimize the foot to meet their individual needs. The TaiLor Made prosthetic foot is a great complement to Ottobock’s growing portfolio of prosthetic feet.”


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