PEL becomes distributor of Encore Propel cushion, locking liners

PEL LLC is now the exclusive distributor of Encore prosthetic gel liners, the company announced.

According to a press release, the Encore Propel gel liners are made with high cushion thermoplastic gel, and enriched with medical grade mineral oil. Further, they use different gel patterns to accommodate various limb shapes.

“We believe Encore Propel represents a great opportunity for practitioners,” Mike Sotak, president and CEO of PEL, said in the release. “Practitioners will satisfy their patients’ needs with an affordable, high-quality product, and will achieve positive patient outcomes. At the same time, practitioners will improve the economic outcomes within their practice, and lower overall health care costs.”

According to PEL, clinical research has shown that affordable prosthetic fitting is critical to overall patient wellbeing, quality of life and the reduction of health care costs. Patients who receive strong continuum of care following amputation, including proper prosthetic fitting and rehabilitation, experience lower overall health care costs, the company said.

For more information about the Encore Propel line, contact PEL at 1-800-321-1264.


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