San Antonio Amputee Foundation hosts First Stride event

The San Antonio Amputee Foundation recently hosted and cosponsored a First Stride clinic at the Mission Concepcion Sports Park, where more than 35 therapists participated in a classroom session that covered prosthetic care and included an introduction to gait training for lower limb amputees.

According to a press release from the Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation, the event also awarded continuing education credits to physical therapists and other health care professionals.

“I had a prosthetic patient tell me he didn’t think he would learn anything new,” Delia Belleny, PT, said in the press release. “I was pleased at the increased knowledge and better movement.”

In the afternoon session, more than 50 lower limb amputees and family members participated in a training session about improving gait and stability.

Christine Mercier, an amputee, said in the release, “The step-by-step instructions make a lot of sense to my brain that has had a hard time wrapping around the amputation.”


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