Bionik Laboratories highlights robotic developments

Bionik Laboratories Corp. issued a letter its shareholders that highlighted company updates for the first half of 2017.

The company has completed development of the new V2 version of its InMotion robots, including improved design, footprint and user interface, according to the letter. Bionik reported it expects product delivery to begin in 2017.

In the letter from Peter Bloch, chief executive officer of Bionik, it also was announced that Eric Dusseux, MD, MSc, MBA, has joined its board of directors.

Previously announced highlights included a joint venture partnership with Ginger Capital Investment to market and sell Bionik products in China, and a partnership with Wistron Corporation, a Taiwan-based original design manufacturing company, to co-develop and sell exoskeleton robots to an aging population.

Bionik has fully integrated Motion Technologies into the company, according to the letter. It was acquired by Bionik in 2016.

The company also announced near-term developments that include extending the range of the

V2 InMotion products, including arm/hand and wrist robots. Also planned are further development of the V2 ankle robot and a home version of the InMotion arm rehabilitation robot, according to the letter.



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