OPIE Software announces deals with Cypress Adaptive, Solutionreach

OPIE Software announced a partnership that will allow Cypress Adaptive, a prosthetics company based in Bartlett, Illinois, to offer its products on OPIE’s digital purchasing and inventory system.

According to a press release, the OPIE system allows users to view Cypress Adaptive products through a digital catalogue and place electronic orders.

“Cypress Adaptive’s vision is to bring innovative, high-quality and cost-effective prosthetic products to the market,” Matt Doering, vice president of sales and marketing for Cypress Adaptive, said in the release. “We are excited about the new partnership with OPIE, who we feel is an organization that reflects the forward progression of our industry.”

According to the release, Cypress Adaptive specializes in mechanical vacuum ankles, prosthetic knees, suspension sleeves, expulsion valves and the Symphonie Aqua System.

“We are excited about this partnership with Cypress Adaptive,” Paul Prusakowski, CPO, FAAOP, chief executive officer of OPIE Software, said in the release. “They are moving the profession forward through technology, with an emphasis on providing the best product and outcomes for the patient — a mission near and dear to us at OPIE. We look forward to continuing this relationship and moving forward our shared commitment to the O&P profession.”

OPIE has also announced a partnership establishing Solutionreach as its preferred vendor for patient relationship management services. According to a press release, the agreement will allow OPIE’s client O&P facilities to easily access Solutionreach’s services, including automated text, email and phone reminders and recalls; educational newsletters for patients; and social media and online reviews integration.

“Practices of all types are looking for ways to prioritize the patient experience, and patient relationship management solutions and technology are the key to putting the patient at the center of their care,” Jim Higgins, founder and chief executive officer of Solutionreach, said in the release. “Using patient relationship management strategies, providers can improve relationships with patients, increase efficiency and enhance patient loyalty.”





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