VIDEO: Prosthetists should never discount comfort

LAS VEGAS — More than 70% of patients with a lower extremity amputation and responded to a survey ranked comfort as “the most important category” related to physical activity and mobility, according to Liz Bell, MA, a graduate student at the University of Maryland.

Speaking at the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association 2017 World Congress, Bell said she and her colleagues analyzed survey results from 90 people with lower extremity amputations. Each participant was asked to rank their top four contributors to physical activity and mobility.

“I think this information needs to be taken into account by people who design prosthetics and also clinicians who work directly with the patients,” Bell said. “When you’re getting a response to a questionnaire, it’s important to also talk to your patient to determine what the pain is being caused by. You don’t get the whole picture unless you think about exactly what is causing the discomfort.”

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