O&P News presents live coverage at IAAPOC


Tony Thaxton Jr.

Tony Thaxton Jr.

ATLANTA – O&P News is providing live coverage at the International African American Prosthetic and Orthotic Coalition Annual Meeting, taking place Oct. 26-28 at the Atlanta Marriott Suites Midtown.

“The IAAPOC Annual Meeting brings together prosthetists, orthotists, educators and vendors from around America to share ideas and insights in the of field P&O,” Tony Thaxton Jr., CPO, LPO, a nationally certified prosthetist-orthotist with Hanger Clinic and IAAPOC treasurer, told O&P News. “The size of the coalition’s national meeting allows for warm and friendly conversations that one cannot find in the larger national meetings. First-time attendees participate on even footing with seasoned veterans to fulfill IAAPOC’s mission to promote the benefits and pleasure of prosthetics and orthotics to the African-American community.”

Events at the 3-day meeting will include a reception Thursday, an opening program on Friday and an exhibit hall. Presentations scheduled include O&P practices in Africa, ankle systems in prosthetic care and multi-axial components to enhance gait stability over uneven terrain.

“As we embark upon this year’s annual IAAPOC meeting, it is my hope that O&P clinicians become more involved in the O&P field as a whole,” Jack Steele, CO, LCO, FAAOP, IAAPOC president, told O&P News. “In an ever-changing health care environment and a more knowledgeable patient community, O&P clinicians must be proactive in the latest technological advances in orthotic and prosthetics. We must also become more involved in the political arena to ensure that orthotic and prosthetics remain a critical component of patient care.”  by Bruce Thiel


Reference: International African American Prosthetic and Orthotic Coalition Annual Meeting; Oct. 26-28; Atlanta.

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