VIDEO: IAAPOC officers share viewpoints at end of meeting

ATLANTA – The International African American Prosthetic and Orthotic Coalition Annual Meeting contained successful presentations on various subjects relating to O&P, according to a video perspective from Jack Steele, CO, LCO, FAAOP, and Bernadette Douroux, CPO.

Steele, IAAPOC president, told O&P News that highlights of the meeting included a presentation by Walaya C. Methodius-Rayford, MD, RPVI, on “The Vascular Surgeon’s Toolbox,” in which she discussed vascular issues relating to malformation and lymphatic disorders. Steele also highlighted the meeting’s business forum, which featured several O&P small-business owners discussing “the ins and outs of running a local business.”

Douroux, IAAPOC secretary, reported that the business forum “was very informative to all the students and new [IAAPOC] members” attending the meeting.

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