We are excited to bring you a new format and general scope of all things O&P related. You may ask, what is the method to the madness? Fair question. Being aware that the O&P community is a relatively small niche in the overall medical community, we would like to offer more diverse content to reach a more diverse audience. We would like to share all things O&P with our referral community, including therapists, orthopedic and vascular surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, physical medicine, any and all avenues that surround and affect the education, science and business of orthotics and prosthetics. This open dialogue creates grounds for innovation to meet the demands of the present whilst mapping the future.

The new magazine also taps into a high ongoing demand for O&P research. With each monthly issue of the magazine, O&P News will endeavor to present the public with a hot, controversial, or other topic of bottom line value, and a perspective from an experienced O&P practitioner—what would I change if I could in the O&P world. We’ll also present quality papers or presentations, most if not all of which have not been published elsewhere beyond in abstract form. We are also providing manufacturer’s a chance to voice their findings, hopes and insights, in the broad-based form of a sponsored content article. Collectively, we think this can meet some unmet needs, and provide for an expansion of quality research to be shared with all avenues of the O&P and general health profession. Each issue features clinical insights from top minds in patient care, research summaries, and insights from leaders with vast experience in the O&P field to share their wisdom, product news, and anything relevant to the related branches of healthcare.

Welcome to the new O&P News. We hope you find it a thought-provoking and an informative new resource that complements AOPA’s flagship publication, O&P Almanac.

Thomas J. Fise, JD