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September/ October 2018 O&P News Feature Story: Directory of Central Fabrication Facilities

July 2018 O&P News Cover Story: Building a Dream Facility

Spaces housing O&P patient-care businesses should be designed to be both practical for staff and inviting to patients. Representatives from four O&P facilities share their strategies for intentionally designing patient-centric spaces-featuring comfortable and light-filled patient-care rooms and functional gait labs and fabrication areas- that have resonated with O&P patients as well as clinicians and office staff.

June 2018 O&P News Cover Story: R&D Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

Many O&P facilities may be able to take advantage of the Research & Experimentation Tax Credit. Learn the four basic requirements associated with “qualified research activities,” and find out which activities are disallowed under the Internal Revenue Code.

June 2018 O&P News Feature Story: Boosting Business Practices

In today’s rapidly evolving and financially challenging healthcare landscape, O&P facilities must take a proactive approach to streamlining efficiencies and managing risk. Business owners and managers should review contracts, identify areas to reduce spending, adhere to budgets, and remove barriers to accepting payments.

May 2018 O&P News Cover Story: Embracing Innovation in O&P Business Operations

O&P Facilities can leverage the increasing amount of data collected at facilities to conduct in-depth reviews of financial work in progress, analyze trends related to new patient prescriptions, and capture outcome measure data – which is increasingly important as the healthcare environment shifts to a fee-for-value model.

May 2018 O&P News Feature Story: What do Physicians Think of O&P?

Physicians generally believe O&P clinicians are an important part of the care team and commonly refer patients who are poststroke of who have suffered trauma to orthotists, according to the results of a recent survey of physicians and physiatrists.

April 2018 O&P News Cover Story:  A New Case Study: The O&P Student

How are today’s O&P students being educated, and how do they expect to contribute to the O&P profession in today’s complex health-care environment? Five O&P graduate students share their experiences and insights.

April 2018 O&P News Feature Story: On the Move for O&P Advocacy

More and more, O&P advocates are seeking to educate the general public about the importance of ensuring O&P patients have accesses to the most appropriate orthotic and prosthetic technology. Learn how amputee Nicole Ver Kuilen designed her own awareness event, a 1,500 mile running, biking, and swimming journey down the West Coast.

March 2018 O&P News Cover Story: Drawn to O&P

Individuals who treat and advocate for O&P patients come from a wide array of educational and professional backgrounds. Meet a physical therapist, a nurse, a researcher, and a student who have adopted O&P as an integral part of their profession.

March 2018 O&P News Feature Story: FDA and O&P

Which rules set forth by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration apply to O&P businesses?

February 2018 O&P News Cover Story: Going Lean and Driving Value

Experienced O&P professionals share their experiences and insights on developing more efficient business practices, including best practices for outsourcing and investing in new technologies, as a myriad of market drivers force the shift to a leaner O&P business model.

February 2018 O&P News Feature Story: Just for Fun, What would happen if you had a Therapist and a Physician in your Practice?

Your facility can benefit in several ways by having a local physician or physical therapist spend time on-site at your facility each week.

January 2018 O&P News Cover Story: We did Everything to Save that Leg

Five healthcare professionals with expertise in O&P weigh in on the topic of gait salvage and amputation.