ACA Introduces Prosthetic Parity Law State Organizer’s Kit

After identifying access to care as the single most important concern among people with limb loss, the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) has given priority to its Access to Care initiative. Access to Care is an initiative that closely allies the ACA with advocacy or action groups seeking to attain new legislative mandates that will secure appropriate levels of insurance coverage for rehabilitative care, prostheses and prosthetic repair.

ACA’s Prosthetic Parity Law State Organizer’s Kit

“The idea is to encourage these grassroots organizations by showing our support and offering them information and instruction on how to rally the support needed to effect change, how to conduct effective fundraising, and how to contact elected officials,” said Leslie Duncan, MLS, manager of government relations.

The ACA’s Prosthetic Parity Law State Organizer’s Kit offers this support and information and is a tool for those who promote equality in medical care and in access to proper insurance coverage for people living with limb loss. The kit is available in PDF format at

“Looming financial pressures in some state governments have already resulted in drastic reductions of healthcare spending,” said Duncan.

These cuts directly affect people living with limb loss by placing restrictions on the amounts available for state-level Medicaid programs — imposing limits on appropriate and essential rehabilitative care. Similarly, private insurance companies are placing limits on, and in some cases completely excluding access to, essential assistive technologies that offer those with limb loss the opportunity to lead active, healthy and productive lives.

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