New Diabetes Tool Available Online

The American Diabetes Association has unveiled a new web-based diabetes tool that makes it easier for people with diabetes, and their care providers, to share and organize important health information to improve their diabetes care. The tool, My Diabetes Connector, is a diabetes management software application and is available by subscription at

My Diabetes Connector enables people with diabetes to securely send blood glucose readings from their glucose meter to the My Diabetes Connector application. My Diabetes Connector’s goal is to be compatible with most major, publicly available, web-enabled applications being introduced to the marketplace.

My Diabetes Connector allows input from multiple blood glucose meters. Using a cable provided as part of the subscription, a person with diabetes is able to connect their meter to their computer and the data is uploaded automatically. Data stored to My Diabetes Connector is accessible online, allowing care providers and family members – with the patient’s permission – to monitor the information, regardless of location. For instance, a parent can monitor a child’s glucose data while the child is away at college. Alternatively, people who do not wish to share online access with care providers can print reports and graphs and take them to appointments to review with their health care team.

More than most chronic diseases, diabetes often requires behavioral and medication changes supported by frequent feedback and input from care providers. My Diabetes Connector offers a unique and personalized way to share and monitor blood glucose levels, keep track of medications, log blood pressure, track lab results and build and maintain an exercise log.

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