U.S. Invests $9.3 Billion in Research to Improve Health Globally

Public and private sources in the United States invested $9.3 billion last year in global health research, according to a new report by Research!America. That amount represents 8% of the $116 billion that Research!America estimates U.S. sources spent overall on health research in 2006.

“From Research!America polls, we know Americans think that investing in global health research is the smart thing to do for America and the right thing to do for the world,” Mary Woolley, Research!America’s president, said in a press release. “This report reinforces the direction Americans want, to place a higher priority on research to fight and prevent diseases that chiefly affect the world’s poorest people.”

The report calculated 2006 U.S. investment in research designed to address health conditions that primarily affect the poorest residents of low- and middle-income countries. Funding sources from three sectors – government, industry and foundations – were as follows:

  • U.S. government:
    • National Institutes of Health: nearly $5 billion
    • U.S. Agency for International Development: $152 million
    • Department of Defense: $64 million
    • Department of State: $39 million
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: $32 million
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies: nearly $3.5 billion for research, exclusive of donations of materials, facilities or expertise for global health needs
  • Private foundations: $592 million

“Only with strong, sustained investment in health and medical research can we address the humanitarian, economic and national security concerns within and beyond our borders,” said the Honorable John Edward Porter, Research!America board chair and former U.S. Congressman. “Our nation must ramp up investment in global health research to help prevent the emergence and spread of diseases that could endanger American children and families.”

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