New Book Provides Support for Wounded Veterans

New Book Provides Support for Wounded Veterans

Disabled Sports USA, one of the nation’s largest multi-sport, multi-disability organizations, recently announced the release of a new book, Returning Wars’ Wounded, Injured, and Ill: A Handbook, edited by Nathan D. Ainspan and Walter E. Penk and published by Praeger Security Press. For the book’s first year in print, proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project a partnership between Disabled Sports USA and the Wounded Warrior Project that provides year round sports rehabilitation programs at no cost to severely wounded warriors and their families.

This book was released to help veterans, their family members and their supporters with practical suggestions to cope with injuries and return to work, families, and the community.

“Like the contributors to this book, Disabled Sports USA and Wounded Warrior Project strive to provide military returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan with all the opportunities they need to return to an active and productive life here in the USA. We help wounded warriors regain the confidence they need to succeed through sports,” Kirk Bauer, JD, executive director of Disabled Sports USA, said in a news release. “Returning Wars’ Wounded, Injured and Ill provides assistance with the information our wounded warriors, their families and caregivers will need to reintegrate into life.”

At the book’s kickoff party on Oct. 30, attendees listened to Army Lt. Melissa Stockwell (retired), the first female amputee of the Global War on Terror, whose photo appears on the cover of the book.

Stockwell, formerly with the Army Transportation Corps, described her experiences as a veteran with a disability and how sports programs helped her recovery.

“After losing my leg in Iraq in 2004, I knew I wouldn’t be myself again until I got back into sports. With the help of Wounded Warrior Project and Disabled Sports USA, I was skiing down a mountain only months after my injury, proving to myself that I could do anything I put my mind to,” Stockwell said in a news release. “I pursued swimming and eventually landed a spot on the 2008 Paralympic swim team in Beijing. Through sports I have gained the confidence and courage to pursue my dreams in life.”

The book compiles information that thousands of disabled veterans and service members need to know to move on with their lives. It is the first book published to provide practical guidance and suggestions on living with disabilities. Chapters focus on the special needs of Guard and Reserve members, how to obtain employment as a veteran with a disability, and the impact and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.

Contributors of the book were assembled from nonprofit organizations and the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Labor. All of the authors have served in the military or provided services to veterans.

“After working closely with many wounded warriors, I have seen the transformative impact that athletic programs can have on the lives of these brave men and women,” Ainspan said in a news release. “We have been impressed with the programs of Disabled Sports USA and the Wounded Warrior Project and have seen the immediate and beneficial impact they have on the veterans’ lives. We are honored to donate the first year of our book’s profits to this project and hope that our contribution will allow the group to serve even more veterans.”

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Fillauer Honored with the Governor’s Award for Trade Excellence

Fillauer representatives were presented with the GATE award during the Governor's Luncheon
Fillauer representatives were presented with the GATE award during the Governor’s Luncheon.

Fillauer LLC received the Tennessee Governor’s Award for Trade Excellence (GATE) for achieved excellence in engaging in global trade as a medium sized company. The state of Tennessee has honored large, medium and small sized companies for their participation in global trading with the GATE Award since 2007. Fillauer LLC presented information on the amount of global trading the company has been involved in during the past year, as well as examples of their commitment to exportation and their 2008 international business success story.

Fillauer representatives travel extensively to consult with practitioners around the world on patient care. Fillauer’s success in providing educational programs offered in other countries elevated the company among others vying for the GATE Award.

Dennis Williams, president of Fillauer Companies, Inc., Fran Jenkins, vice president of Fillauer Companies, Inc., and Michael Fillauer, president of Fillauer LLC were presented the award by Gov. Phil Bredesen and Matt Kisber, commissioner for the Tennessee. Department of Economic & Community Development, during the Governor’s Luncheon.

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