New Technical Coordinator Joins Advanced Arm Dynamics

Chad Sparks
Chad Sparks

Advanced Arm Dynamics (AAD) announced the addition of its newest member, Chad Sparks.

Sparks joined AAD as a technical coordinator. He will begin working with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) team assisting the AAD team in providing upper extremity care to military personnel wounded in combat. Sparks brings a unique background to the team as his prior work experience focused in the aeronautics industry. Residing in Bend, Ore., he previously worked for Cessna and has extensive knowledge in carbon fiber and pre-peg applications along with electrical wiring and placement.

After his stint at WRAMC, he will be traveling to the AAD centers across the country and assisting with consulting agreements.

“It is an exciting time for AAD as our team continues to grow,” John Miguelez, president and senior clinical director of AAD, said in a news release. “As the leader in upper extremity prosthetic services, it is our commitment to give our patients access to top clinicians and cutting edge technology and techniques. We are excited Chad has joined us.”

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