Congressman Introduces National Limb Loss Awareness Month Resolution

Rep. John R Duncan Jr. (R-Tenn.) introduced a resolution to designate April as National Limb Loss Awareness Month. Partnering with the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA), Duncan hopes to bring awareness and gain support for the bill. It is their hope that the resolution will be passed by the August recess.

“We see National Limb Loss Awareness Month as an opportunity to raise national awareness as well as to increase local visibility for all amputees and those working in the limb loss community,” Kendra Calhoun, president of ACA told O&P Business News. “Having a special timeframe within which to concentrate our efforts around the country will create more exposure and build greater momentum toward addressing the needs of people with limb loss and highlighting their important contributions to society.”

The resolution designates a specific time to provide support for individuals within the limb loss community; provide education and prevention information to both the limb loss community and the entire population and provide an opportunity for individuals to discuss quality of life and other issues with the public, legislators and the media.

“This resolution has the potential to help millions of Americans affected by limb-loss,” Duncan said in a press release. “I encourage people everywhere to contact their member of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor this very worthy bill.”

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