Ohio Willow Wood Hires Additional Product Specialist

Prosthetists have an expanded product support resource
for learning about Ohio Willow Wood products and services. Vince Coole, CP,
joins Bob Beatty as a product specialist.

As product specialists, Coole and Beatty will interact
with prosthetists and prosthetic facilities through a variety of channels:

Personal visits with O&P facilities for a one-on-one
review of traditional products and custom fabrication services;

  • Demonstrations of the OMEGA Tracer CAD system to facilities
    considering purchasing;
  • Presentations of educational and clinical content at state and
    national conferences; and
  • Teaching LimbLogic VS and OMEGA Tracer education Summits at Ohio
    Willow Wood.

Beatty and Coole will work closely with Ohio Willow
Wood’s U.S. distributors in the effort to educate practitioners about Ohio
Willow Wood products. They will accompany distributor sales representatives to
customer facilities for in-depth technical product support and training.

Coole is a certified prosthetist and has been active in
the O&P industry since 1984 after completing his prosthetic education at
Northwestern University. He joined Ohio Willow Wood in 2006 after 22 years of
working in private prosthetic practice. Coole will be working with clinicians
and facilities in the Northeast and in most South Atlantic states.

Beatty has 8 years experience in the orthotic and
prosthetic industry at Ohio Willow Wood. He was promoted to the product
specialist position in 2009. Beatty will be working with clinicians and
facilities in most of the Midwest and Southern United States.

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