Eighth Grade Students Make History

Advanced Arm Dynamics (AAD) recently played a role in the 30th Annual
Texas History Day Contest.

AAD was approached by a group of 8th graders from a Texas middle school,
who were creating a play on the history of innovation in prosthetics. The AAD
team worked with the students for a period of months, which included showing
them various prostheses and how they work, introducing them to patients,
providing a tour of the facilities and lab, and even lending four prosthetic
arms to the students to use when performing their play.

“I was so impressed by Shelby Johnson’s initiative to reach
out to the staff at AAD for support with her presentation,” Rob Dobson,
CPO at AAD, said in a press release. “My main goal was to provide
information on how these prosthetic devices work and how they can benefit those
individuals that use them. In addition, I wanted to show the overall process of
getting a prosthesis to a patient and tried to emphasize that in order to set a
patient up for success, a team approach is a must.”

After first winning their school and the Dallas Fort-Worth regional
competitions, the students were among the 1,000 out of 45,000 who were allowed
to compete at the state-level at the 30th Annual Texas History Day Contest, the
official affiliate of the National History Program, which was held at the Texas
State History Museum in Austin. The students received 4th place out of the
45,000 state competitors. The theme of this year’s Texas History Day was
“Innovation in History.”

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