Joe Sansone Named “Health Care Hero”

TMC Orthopedic and the Amputee & Prosthetic Center’s chief executive officer, Joe Sansone, was named a Health Care Hero by the Houston Business Journal for his work advocating for the amputee community, most notably through his company’s charity, Limbs of Love, according to a news release.

Sansone was named a Health Care Hero in the Service Philanthropy category which recognizes a health professional who has committed their time and talents to improving the overall quality of life in our community. Sansone was named a finalist in 2009 for this honor, and due to his continued dedication, he was selected as the winner for 2010.

Since 2007, Limbs of Love has donated more than one million dollars in prosthetic devices to deserving amputees across the country that have lost a limb, but do not have the resources to pay for a prosthetic device.

“A new prosthetic device for someone who has been living sometimes for several years without one means freedom and independence for that person. They are no longer homebound or tied to a wheelchair or restricted from living an active productive life,” Sansone, said in a news release. “I am honored and humbled to have been named a Health Care Hero, but what I am most proud of is my employees continued dedication to Limbs of Love. Because of their dedication, Limbs of Love has not only been afforded the opportunity to give a new lease on life to the multitude of amputees who have received limbs through our program, but has also given us the chance to motivate and inspire the amputee community as a whole.”

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