At The World Boccia Championships, Team USA Upsets Canada

After defeating Slovakia in round one, Team USA pairs defeated 5th ranked Canadian pairs team, making it their second match in pool play.

USA pairs players Austin Hanson and Sam Williams were down 4-0 going into the third end, with Canada scoring two points each in the first and second end. Pairs alternate, Lee Lobmeyer replaced Williams in the third end. Lobmeyer had the jack toss and followed up with her blue ball which overshot the jack leaving it wide open. Lobmeyer’s second and third shots came close, but were not enough to reclaim the lead. Hanson placed his first ball upon the jack and proceeded to jump his second ball up and over to settle on the north side of the jack in scoring range.

Hanson’s final ball propelled up and off of the competitor’s ball landing on top of Lee Lobmeyer’s previously thrown ball and the jack, to claim four points and tie the game. Lobmeyer and Hanson played a strategic end to win two points with only four thrown balls.

This moves USA Pairs out of pool play with an undefeated record. USA plays Belgium next.

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