Kendra Calhoun Appointed to Medicare Advisory Committee

The Medicare Evidence Development & Coverage Advisory Committee (MEDCAC) has appointed Amputee Coalition of America president and chief executive officer, Kendra Calhoun to serve as a patient advocate. The MEDCAC advises the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on whether specific medical items and services are reasonable and necessary under Medicare law.

  Kendra Calhoun
  Kendra Calhoun

“Making decisions about what Medicare and Medicaid programs cover with consumer input is absolutely critical to making the best, most appropriate health care available to seniors and families with low incomes and resources,” Calhoun said in a press release. “I take this role seriously and am honored to be selected for this important work.”

In a personal letter to Calhoun, Barry M. Straube, MD, CMS chief medical officer and director of the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality commented on Calhoun’s qualifications and her role within the committee.

“We have worked hard to identify persons who bring both superior qualifications and diverse points of view to make this a dynamic, cutting-edge advisory group,” Straube said. “Your participation will bolster our chances of making that goal a reality.”

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