Amanda McDaniel Fund Benefits Young Amputees

At the third annual Airborne Amputee skydive, Limbs of Love announced the establishment of the Amanda McDaniel Fund, honoring 2008 Limbs of Love recipient Amanda McDaniel.

Almost 100 Airborne Amputees, accompanied by 19 wounded warriors who had lost their limbs in service to their country, were there to skydive and show the world that life is not over after amputation, according to a press release. But aside from the carnival atmosphere, apart from the pony rides and moonwalks, the crowd of more than 800 people heard McDaniel’s story.


An 18-year-old who lost her left leg to osteosarcoma in 2006, she received a prosthetic leg with the help of Limbs of Love, a Houston-based charity that provides prosthetic devices for amputees without the funds to pay for the limbs they need.

Joe Sansone, founder of Limbs of Love, announced that the Amanda McDaniel Fund will be used as a scholarship of sorts.

“Each year, Limbs of Love will award a scholarship to amputees under the age of 18 so that they can participate in an activity that they enjoy,” he stated in the release. “Whether it is dancing or cheering like Amanda, or art class, horseback riding, or any pursuit that a child may have, The Amanda McDaniel Fund will fund that activity.”

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