Ohio Willow Wood Renews Gold Level Sponsorship

OPAF and The First Clinics announced in a press release that Ohio Willow Wood has renewed their Gold Level Sponsorship for this year. Ohio Willow Wood has donated $10,000 to help OPAF continue their work for the O&P population with their First Clinics and other projects.

“Since their inception, OPAF has been integral to Ohio Willow Wood’s continual efforts to reach out to the amputee community and to assist them in realizing the full potential of healthful and active life,” Ryan Arbogast Ohio Willow Wood general manager and vice president of operations, stated in the release. “Over the years OPAF and Ohio Willow Wood have partnered in a number of ways to make available services and support otherwise lacking, and we look forward to many such years to come.”

OPAF and The First Clinics are reaching people across the country with quality adaptive recreational sports programs and clinics. Tennis, golf, scuba, swimming, kayaking and therapeutic horsemanship are all part of the OPAF First Family with clinics being held nationwide.

“This contribution will help us to bring more clinics across the country and urge people with physical challenges to return to a more active lifestyle,” Robin Burton, OPAF executive director, stated. “Ohio Willow Wood has been a strong supporter of OPAF for many years.”

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