Healthy Eating Impacts Workplace Productivity

Most people think about the visible impacts that healthy eating have on our lives, yet fail to consider what poor dietary habits can do to our careers.

A 2005 study conducted by the International Labour Organization (ILO) based in Geneva found that poor nutrition negatively impacts the morale, safety and productivity of workers. It was reported that poor diet on the job is reducing productivity in countries around the world by as much as 20%. This study highlights why working better and furthering your career goals are additional reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“If you aren’t giving your body the tools it needs to function, including a balance of nutrition, rest and activity, you aren’t giving your mind the tools it needs to execute mental tasks,” Dian Griesel, PhD, co-founder of the Business School of Happiness, stated in a press release.

“Part of being content in life is knowing that you ended your work day doing your best,” Dian states. “For those people who struggle to get through the work day and struggle with their productivity, it is critical that they take a hard look at their eating habits.”

When we eat well, take in proper nutrients and stay active, we are making the choice not only to ensure our long-term health, but also to impact our long-term success in the workplace.

“If people would stop eating and drinking boxed, bagged and bottled products, I can guarantee that their quality of work would go up. Choosing a banana over a bag of chips will make a greater impact on your energy level than most may think,” Tom Griesel, Business School of Happiness co-founder, stated.

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