Knit-Rite and Cascade Orthopedic Supply Inc. Announce Distribution Operations Acquisition

  Jeff Collins
  Jeff Collins

Knit-Rite Inc. and Cascade Orthopedic Supply Inc. each announced via respective company press releases that Knit-Rite’s distribution business has been sold to Cascade Orthopedic Supply Inc.

“For decades Knit-Rite has served the O&P profession in two businesses, with both our manufactured textile products, and as a broad line distributor. By focusing on our textile manufacturing business we will continue to respond to evolving clinical needs and advance textile solutions that promote mobility, protection and comfort. We look forward to continuing to support practitioners in helping patients achieve the best quality of life possible,” Mark Smith, CP, president and chief executive officer of Knit-Rite, stated in a Knit-Rite press release. “Knit-Rite will continue to provide a complete selection of effective product solutions.”

From the Cascade release, Jeff Collins, president and chief financial officer of Cascade, stated: “We extend a warm welcome to Knit-Rite distribution customers to Cascade. With expanded operations in California, Pennsylvania and a new distribution center facility now open in Texas, we are well positioned geographically with expanded inventory positions to provide excellent service to these customers. By retaining highly trained and knowledgeable customer service and sales staff from Knit-Rite, the transition to Cascade will be made as seamless as possible.”

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