Allard USA Inc. Announces Launch of Non-Profit Organization

Allard USA has formed a non-profit organization, the DRALLA Foundation, to address quality of life issues not only for wearers of its devices, but for all individuals with these physical challenges.

“I want to give back to this community of those afflicted with physical challenges to help them realize their dreams. Our goal is to take the next step, beyond providing orthopedic devices to providing financial support to help people with physical challenges have fun and pursue their dreams,” Peter Allard, president of Allard USA, stated in a press release.

According to Jennifer Buehler, grant program administrator for the newly established foundation, a newly created Dralla Foundation review board will hold two annual review processes to award grants in April and October.

“The mission of the Dralla Foundation is to provide ‘support for better life’ to enrich the lives of children and adults with, or in need of orthotics, by helping them to fulfill their dreams or visions,” Buehler stated.

Review Board members are directly affected by physical disability, or work with people with physical disabilities. Members include Beth Deloria, Marc S. Martinez, Candice McLurkin and Josh Ahlstrom, CPO.

“To expand on the philosophy of providing ‘support for better life’, Allard USA developed the Dralla Foundation to serve the different needs of individuals with physical disabilities and their families,” Buehler stated. “This will include providing financial support for educational and/or training programs that will help these individuals pursue their dreams and sponsoring of events that will provide encouragement and support.”

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