New Image Global, Limbs For U Distribute Artificial Limbs in Dominican Republic

New Image Global Inc., a tobacco company headquartered in Corona, Cali., recently joined forces with the disability advocacy group Limbs For U of Lynwood, Wash., which provides prosthetic limbs to underdeveloped countries, to distribute donated artificial limbs to candidates disabled by amputation in the Dominican Republic, where New Image Global maintains a manufacturing facility.

Under the sponsorship of the two organizations, two shipping containers of prosthetic limbs have been delivered to the Dominican Republic.

A significant part of the project involves the selection of candidates for the limbs and personalized fitting by local medical professionals, at no charge to the recipients, through a network of clinics working with the companies.

The project was launched with a small reception in the country during a 3-day visit in February and included a meet-and-greet with the company’s ground team and some of the recipients of the donated limbs, and discussions with Limbs For U.

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