Hanger Promotes Leigh Radziwon to Manager of Cosmetic Restoration Services

Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics announced that Leigh Radziwon, MS, will take on the role of manager of the New England market’s cosmetic restoration services. In her role at Hanger, Radziwon helps patients who have lost fingers, ears or noses and are in need of specialized cosmetic prosthetic devices to restore their appearance, by creating lifelike silicone cosmetic prostheses. Radziwon also creates coverings for prosthetic limbs, such as gloves that fit on prosthetic hands, or custom skin tone colored coverings that slip over prosthetic legs.

“Leigh provides an invaluable resource to our patients,” Paul Armstrong, CP, Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics practice manager, stated in a press release. “Leigh’s experience, extensive education, and research design enable her to work closely with fellow Hanger practitioners and patients to provide customized silicone prostheses and cosmetic coverings that are realistic, individualized and precisely colored to meet all of her patients’ cosmetic needs. I am thrilled to promote her to this new role.”

Radziwon received a master of science degree in education from the University of New Haven and worked as a professional special effects and beauty makeup artist in television and film for more than 6 years. Her specialty was creating lifelike limbs, heads and creature effects for movies and television; her prior client list includes ESPN, NBC, ABC, The History Channel and Country Living Magazine.

After her brother came back from his second tour in Iraq, Radziwon wanted to use her talents to create cosmetic prosthetic solutions for soldiers and other amputees. Two years ago Radziwon joined Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics and now uses her talents to help restore body image and self-esteem to prosthetic patients.

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