American Diabetes Association Launches Diabetes 24/7

The American Diabetes Association announced the launch of Diabetes 24/7, an online application using personal health records that will allow people living with diabetes to manage their condition and share valuable health information with others on their care team. Diabetes 24/7 is designed to provide users with tools to help monitor their diabetes and to track data such as blood glucose patterns, laboratory results and physical activity sessions, according to a press release. The application will integrate with Microsoft’s HealthVault program and use its data sharing capability.

“Nearly 26 million people are living with diabetes and another 79 million are estimated to have pre-diabetes. To stop this epidemic, we must provide innovative tools for people to effectively manage their condition,” Dwight Holing, secretary/treasurer of the American Diabetes Association, stated in a press release. “Diabetes 24/7 allows users to upload and input critical health parameters and provides tools that are essential to proper diabetes care and treatment.”

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