Quality Outcomes Announces Benchmarking Capabilities

Quality Outcomes LLC, a Virginia-based company specializing in documenting health care outcomes for users of prosthetics, orthotics and durable medical equipment, is offering benchmarking reporting as a new service through its comprehensive patient satisfaction survey program. Benchmarking reports provide participating firms with a satisfaction survey score that allows them to compare their results to national averages among the other firms using the system.

These comparisons are available from broad overviews of the data to comparisons of results of individual questions. The process allows organizations to document issues and spot trends as well as to create reports for review and develop processes to resolve any issues found.

“Benchmarking is important to the O&P industry because it facilitates the understanding of practitioner performance and how a practice’s results compare to other, similar practices,” Scott Williamson, president of Quality Outcomes, stated in a press release. “Benchmarking measures performance at different times, making it an important tool for observing cause and effect relationships in the practice or patient care activity. It provides solid data on which to make decisions and improvements that are important for maintaining accreditation and meeting payer standards.”

Quality Outcomes also provides assistance in attaining facility accreditation, developing and implementing corrective action plans, workflow processes and patient satisfaction surveys. The firm was created to help practices meet requirements for data collection and analysis as established by the Medicare Quality Standards and required by accrediting organizations to help DMEPOS businesses validate the quality of their products and services.

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