Effectively Market Your Practice by Building the Referral Chain

  Kyle Elliot
  Kyle Elliot

LAS VEGAS – One of the hallmarks of the 2011 American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly is the annual top-ten series. The top-ten series offers attendees fast facts on key topics that will likely affect their daily business practices.

Kyle Elliot, director of reimbursement solutions for Ossur, offered his top ten ways to market the O&P practice. Elliot disposed of the idea that O&P practitioners and business owners should simply dazzle their customers and referral sources with new marketing techniques and strategies. According to Elliot, those new strategies do not exist.

“There are new ideas out there for sure, but the bottom line is the ones I have competed with, the ones I have sold to, do certain things a certain way. And they take these steps more often than others,” he said.

According to Elliot, in order to have success in the market, O&P business owners have to build the referral chain. Do not be afraid to ask your most loyal and satisfied customers for help. He advised the attendees to ask the patients and referral sources about their satisfaction. If they are satisfied, they will likely help you gain more sources.

“If you are making your referral sources look good, they will not have a problem offering your services to someone else,” Elliot said. “Reach out to those who like you and what you are doing. Follow up with your customer base. You will be amazed by how many new referrals you come across.”

Along with reaching out to your customer base, he encouraged practitioners and owners to bring the customer in for an open house. According to Elliot, the businesses that offer the best open houses are the companies that invite current customers and individuals they are not working with. The goal is to get them to mingle together.

“Talk about what you do and bring them into your setting,” he said. “They are interested in how you build your product and how you run your practice. It is a really great way to network.”

Elliot K. Top 10 ways to market yourself. Presented at the 2011 American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly. Sept. 19-22. Las Vegas.

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