Mobile Labs Offer Benefits, Additional Revenue Opportunities

  Bernie Veldman
  Bernie Veldman

LAS VEGAS – Faced with declining reimbursements and the removal of L codes, O&P practitioners may want to consider mobile labs as an opportunity to increase revenues and surmount the challenges facing the O&P profession today, according to a presenter at the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly here. Bernie Veldman, CO, told attendees of how he successfully integrated a mobile lab into his business model.

“If you are thinking about getting out of the office, a mobile lab may be for you,” he said.

In addition to not having the ongoing monthly rent of a costly satellite office, mobile labs offer the chance for practitioners to decrease lost revenue with increased efficiency, he said. Mobile labs also offer convenience to patients and their families, and offer consistency in scheduling with fewer no-show appointments for the practitioners.

By driving to a clinic twice monthly, Veldman said he has seen an increase in referral sources and has had he opportunity for more collaboration with rehabilitation teams. Also, he has had more appointments and more deliveries.

“Our clinicians see more patients in less time in offsite clinics than in their offices,”

He advised practitioners considering mobile labs, however, that they do need to think of their mobile labs as not only a mobile lab, but also a mobile office. His mobile office includes a custom center console with a laptop mount and GPS mapping software.

“A mobile lab becomes your home away from home,” he said.

In addition to a fully equipping a mobile lab, practitioners also need to arrange specific clinic days, assign management to one administrative person, and provide the best service available. They also need to be able to retrieve proper patient documentation.

Veldman B. How do I add mobility to my practice and what are the benefits? Presented at the 2011 American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly. Sept. 19-22. Las Vegas.

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