Hospital for Special Surgery expands to Florida

Hospital for Special Surgery has announced the establishment of HSS Spine & Sport in Jupiter, Fla. This first Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) expansion beyond the New York region is a direct response to patient and physician demand, according to an HSS press release.

“Florida was a logical choice,” Louis A. Shapiro, president and chief executive officer of HHS, stated in the release. “As the number of patients who travel to New York from Florida for specialty care at HSS or split their time between homes in both regions continues to increase, HSS Spine and Sport is an ideal location for their outpatient rehabilitation.”

Spine & Sport had been a member of the HSS Rehabilitation Network for 3 years. Established in 1994, the HSS Rehabilitation Network is a partnership between Hospital for Special Surgery and independently-owned rehabilitation centers that includes more than 128 sites within a 90-mile radius of New York City, with three sites in Florida.

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