Combine Traditional Marketing Plans with Modern Strategies

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Seth Weiner, MAS, owner, Sonic Promos, discussed how business owners can incorporate strategic marketing tools inexpensively at the Pedorthic Footwear Association Symposium and Exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Weiner told the audience that when marketing, it is crucial to be seen and be heard often. The dilemma for most small-market business owners is that in order to be seen and heard consistently, they must spend large amounts of money on television and radio advertising. Weiner discussed the strategies business owners can employ for their small market company.

“When you are small you do not have unlimited resources,” he told the audience at PFA. “It is important to be proactive, creative and consistent.”

Some of the important marketing strategies that Weiner emphasized should be taken into consideration included budgeting, objectives, segmenting, targeting, implementation and tracking and reviewing their marketing performance.

For budgeting, companies must decide how the company is going to spend its budget for marketing. Will you set aside a percentage out of the total money the business takes in for marketing or will you come up with a specific dollar amount?

“You always want to stay one step ahead of your competitors,” Weiner said. “If you have a general idea of what your competition is doing, that may help you determine the method you choose for budgeting your marketing dollars.”

According to Weiner, the average person needs to hear your message seven times before they come close to making a buying decision. Think about heavy users versus one-time users. If there is one type of patient that you know will come into your office four or five times a year, business owners should market toward that type of person as opposed to someone who is looking for a one-time fix.

“It is always more productive to have long-term clients than one-time customers,” Weiner said.

Once you understand the marketing budget and your target audience, business owners should try to combine traditional marketing strategies such as direct-mail and print marketing with new technologies such as the social media, YouTube and websites. The most effective strategy will combine these various marketing tools.

“Joining Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a great first step,” Weiner said. “But you want to be active. You want to be joining groups and taking questions that are being posted. That helps gain name recognition and it helps build leads. The leads do come. The great thing about online marketing is that if it is done correctly it is inexpensive.”

For more information:

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